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Kekko Kamen: The MGF Strikes Back (Review)

[It's Kekko Kamen Fridays!!! Thanks to Insano Steve, for the next few Fridays we'll have a review of the Kekko Kamen series, a sleazy, Skinemaxish superhero movies straight from the headquarters of the strange, Japan. Insano Steve spared no expense in fleshing out the movies and you'll find his reviews stimulating and penetrating. Pun so intended!]

Kekko Kamen: The MGF Strikes Back

Kekko Kamen: The MGF Strikes Back (1992)

Directed by Yutaka Akiyama


Japan is a country with no natural resources. It's basically a bunch of barren rocks floating in salt water. But the Japanese have made the most of this unfortunate situation by working 18-hour work days and maintaining a conservative culture. This obviously takes a toll on the Japanese psyche so there must be some outlet for these repressed overworked souls.

Hello Hentai!

Hentai is the happy collision of cartoons and pornography.

The Japanese really love their hentai because:

1) They're perverts.

2) One resource they have is great imaginations. Japan is the most technologically advanced nation in the world. They can't just watch the same old porn over and over.

3) They are youth-obsessed. Hello-Kitty/J-Pop crap is a freaking big deal there. And so are cartoons.

Let's take a look at my favorite hentai (well hentai minus the penetration), the wonderful Kekko Kamen. This was an anime that was ironically turned into a series of live-action movies.

Kekko Kamen (which means "Big Tit Avenger" in English), is the story of a girl, Mayumi, who attends the boarding school, "Toenail of Satan's Spartan Institute of Higher Education".

The school is run by sexual deviants (the ManGriffons/MFG) who use the school to grope, peep, molest and torture the students for their own sexual gratification (hey, like the Catholic Church!).

The students' only protection from the pervs is Kekko Kamen. Our heroine wears only red boots, a mask (with rabbit ears!), gloves, scarf, and her trusted nunchakus. So she's always fully frontally nude.

Oh Yeah!

Her special attack is her flying headscissor move, the "Muffication", which works by asphyxiating her enemy with her radioactive vagina. Kekko’s civilian identity is the one non-pervert teacher at the school. Though this is not technically pornography, it is certainly perverted (in a good way of course) and plenty of fun.

Here's a rundown of the second film in the series Kekko Kamen.

The Kekko series doesn’t really have any continuity so this is a sequel in name only. This time, Mayumi’s in “Celebrity Training School” where she’s learning how to become a celebrity (yeah, seriously). Budget on this one’s maybe $300.

The perversion is way toned down here. Kekko does however unleash her “Special Reverse Crotch Revealer”, which can be described as ‘death by asshole’. The MFG computer’s screen saver is an oscillating dick (huh?). The climax entails the girls being gagged with light bulbs; and Kekko beating up the MFG in what would appear to be the director’s basement.

In evaluating any T&A movie, one must foremost consider the quality of the “T”, and to a lesser extent, the “A”. The actress who plays Kekko Kamen is pretty, but not quite hot (albeit, very naked). The Mayumi actress is cute, but really dopey looking, and not hot at all.

The powers-that-be would recast these 2 principal roles for the next 2 episodes. And with resounding success.....


The Trailer (of Part 1, because that opening theme song is so damn catchy!)

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