Friday, March 13, 2009

Top 5 Rape and Revenge Movies of All Time

With the remake of The Last House on the Left coming out today, I'd figure I'd get you noobs caught up on this subgenre of exploitation films. For you jaded viewers, move along, these aren't the droids your looking for.

There seems to be a reimagining boom for this genre. Run Bitch Run comes out this year, plenty more will probably come up if Last House grosses a jillion dollars.

There's a few on this list that I'm not covering from what you can read here. I love how Wikipedia summarizes rape and revenge movies in the same ole 3 act structure:

  • Act I: A woman is raped/gang raped, tortured, and left for dead.
  • Act II: The woman survives and rehabilitates herself.
  • Act III: The woman kills all of her rapists.
But check out the trailers below to see whats come before.

Honorable mentions: I Spit on Your Grave, Dogville, the Virgin Springs

Also, House on the Edge of the Park should be on this list as well as it was #2 on my Top 10 Ruggero Deodato Movies of All Time. I've placed that as a bonus trailer at the bottom.

On to the list!

5.) Freeze Me (2000)

Why it kicks ass: Haven't seen it. But its directed by Takashi Ishi so its gonna be crazy right?

4.) Irreversible (2002)

Why it kicks ass: Gasper Noe's reverse chrono flick features Monica Belluci in a sick 20 minute plus rape scene and the most fraked up use of a fire extinguisher as a deadly weapon.

3.) They Call Her One Eye (aka Thriller a Cruel Picture) (1974)

Why it kicks ass: Starring the beautiful Christina Lindberg, this movie has everything you need in your revenge bent vixen: an eyepatch, a shotgun and she's frakin mute. What more needs to be said?

2.) The Last House on the Left (1972)

Why it kicks ass: Wes Craven's first movie delivers the exploitation goods. It should be watched in all its grindhouse glory and not in a shitty remake.

1.) Ms. 45 (1981)

Why it kicks ass: Abel Ferrara's masterpiece of NYC slime and crime. Zoe Lund plays Thana who gets raped twice and then goes all revengy armed in a nun's outfit and a .45. The ending is like an LSD trip of awesomeness.


House on the Edge of the Park which is a glorious #6.

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  1. They Call Her One Eye is one of my favorites!

    I have yet to see Ms. 45 - it has had a "very long wait" on Netflix for MONTHS :-(

  2. torrents for downloading is whats needed

  3. Most of these are on Netflix...but I'm sure you can Pirate Bay on MiniNova them for sure.

  4. Jaded - I knew before I even clicked on your link that Irreversible would be on there! Have you seen the French rape revenge movie Baise-moi (Rape me)? Thanks for the list!

  5. I have Chris...just because it was NC-17 and had blended porn into a supposed art film. Pretty sick...can't remember any of it though.

  6. Thriller(They Call Her One Eye) has a couple of hardcore scenes in it also...

  7. Yeah.I think they added that to Thriller after Lindberg had filmed her scenes.

  8. where can i find revenge for rape films without downloading them?

  9. what about I spit on your grave?

  10. im honestly surprised i spit on your grave isent in the top 5. ill have to watch these i doubt most if any are worse then that

  11. Help! I need to find the title of a boring rape-revenge movie I saw a while ago. The setting is college or university campus, I believe the girl was black. She was raped by a white guy she had dinner with. After a long sequence of boring trivialities she had her revenge at the end of the movie were she tricked him into letting him get tied up and then let a black friend of hers rape him. If anybody knows the title of this flick, I'd be thankful if you could drop me a mail to pass-boringrr at

    Thanks in advance, John

  12. Descent Rosario Dawson

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