Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Landlord (Trailer)

Indie horror is alive and kickin. And straight from the jaded viewer mailbox comes this little doozy of a horror comedy, The Landlord.

Here be the plot:

The Landlord is the story of Tyler, the unfortunate young owner of a demon-haunted apartment building. Finding tenants has never been a problem for Tyler, though he does have trouble keeping them alive to pay rent. No matter how nicely Tyler asks the demons not to eat the renters (or to at least wait a month or two), they never listen. And why should they? As far as the demons are concerned, humans are merely dumb, tasty animals - kinda like chickens - and Tyler is their pet monkey.

But all that might change when Tyler takes a liking to the newest tenant, a desperate young woman running from demons of her own…

Looks alot like the TV series Angel with the monster makeup palooza and Shaun of the Dead.

Check out the trailer below.


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