Friday, March 20, 2009

Battlestar Galactica - The Last FRAKKIN episode

So today is the last episode of Battlestar Galactica. I actually didn't get into BSG until the 2nd season. A friend said I should start watching, said it reminded him of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (which I loved). So I torrented athe mini series and a lot of episodes and got caught up.

I'm glad I did.

The show has been a great ride, ups and downs, twists and turns and lots of WTF moments.
I've said the last few episodes have been blah, but the last episode was awesome.

This little article from entitled "What we'll Miss About BSG" says it all.

I'll also miss watching the hotness of Grace "Boomer" Park and Tricia "Number Six" Helfer.

Well there goes another show off the TV rotation. Now I'm left with Sarah Connor, Dollhouse and Lost.

I've actually kicked Heroes out of the rotation. Stupid Heroes.



So I watched the last episode and am still totally fraked up by the ending.

Let's go through all the unanswered questions shall we?

1.) What the FRAK is Starbuck?? Is she dead? An angel? A ghost? A Cylon? An imaginary friend?

2.) So basically Ron Moore is saying the Japanese will create Cylons with their sexbots and barking dogs??

3.) Will Facebook and Twitter become self aware and become the next Skynet??

4.) HOLY FRAK! We're all part cylons! We're all part toasters!!!

5.) Are cylons even partly robotic? Or are they all fleshy and full of blood?

6.) So Baltar and Six are talking to "gods messengers"??? I thought they were just frakin crazy??

7.) What happened to the raptor Adama was piloting? Did they keep the parts? Why isn't their evidence of this from the fossil records?

8.) Did the Cylons really give up that easy? Dude, you were enslaved and you go ahead and call for a truce. FRAK that. Never let go of that grudge.

9.) So technically, one of the BSG members is my ancestor. I'm thinking I'm like Starbuck/Helo hybrid.

10.) Will the new show Caprica or the upcoming "The Plan" TV Movie explain frakin anything??

It's like the Sopranos ending because, after it ended, it kept ending and then ending again.


I liked "Daybreak" Part 1 and 2 in some parts, in others not so much.

Well it still beats watching an hour of Heroes.


  1. well, i thought the finale was absolutely crap. i know, many fans may disagree, but geez, the plot holes were big enough to pass the entire Galatica through without a scrape on her aged hull.

  2. I for one loved the finale!

    Epic space battles and the scene where the final five were 'linking' and Chief witnessed Tory's betrayal, and his reaction to that ~ Fan-frakkin-tastic!

  3. I'm still wondering what the frak is Starbuck???

    And so basially were they saying at the end that the Japanese will create Cylons??

    I thought it was decent. Not awesome, not horrible...just decent.

    I need you to answer the BIG questions during a series finale.

    Not fade to black.

  4. it was OK, i think they gave what the most common BSG fans wanted. i was hoping for more "let's infiltrate the borg collective" tension or even a payback type of plan. I didn't appreciate the spoon-fed message at the end, it was kinda crafted for the crowd that is easily "wowed" and lets them feel smart when they "figure" it out.

  5. The ending was weak, and trival. It did NOT do the series justice.

    Too many plot holes! Too many preachy messages! If I want preaching I will go to Church!

    BTW, For those who said they saw Christian themes in the story are mistaken.

    I am a Christian and how they portrayed God does not comport with the Christian view of God.

    Their view of God is not the Christian view at all. Seems more Hindu or Buddist oriented. Purality of gods, and duality/equality of goodness and evil.

    I also didn't like the rap they seem to pin on technology.

    Technology bad, makes people do bad things??? No it is the people who are flawed doing bad things with technology.

    Flying all the tech into the Sun made NO SENSE.

    Seperating/dispersing to the four corners of the Earth without setting up a base to operate from is silly, and dumb!

    Starbuck, should have had a better send off that that!

    I could go on, and on, but what's the point?

    What a huge let down!

  6. I have seen every episode... so I am entitled to complain.

    I hated the finale... stupid and preachy and bad. Wow, all that effort to save the little girl, for no frakkin reason! Too many bad things to list... I am forgetting it as soon as possible.

  7. Yeah, and so what was the deal with Kara being the harbinger of death? I guess 'oops' both hybrids were wrong.

    Oh and dispersing to the corners of the globe will certainly stop humans from making the same mistake with Cylons again. Yeah, complete lack of knowledge of the past. THAT will do it!

    Now that it’s over go back and watch the beginning again. It’s almost a crime with how they ended the whole thing. It’s like they just gave up in the last season. The trademark cinematography was no where to be seen. What a waste.

  8. I never followed this series like i should have.

  9. It was great. A fitting end. And I disagree, everything made PERFECT sense. They wanted to totally disconnect from the technology that had in the end tried to destroy them, the only way to do it was a clean break. Spend years cooped up in tin cans being pursued by murderous denizens of YOUR technology run amok and trying to kill you, and I think all you would want is blue skies over your head and the ground beneath your feet, a return to being HUMAN. Sending the ships into the sun made it ireversable. The part where Kara just stunning to say the least and very moving.Its best to leave some questions unanswered. It gave it a mistique that really added to the ambience of the ending. I think it ended well.

  10. Personaly i thought it was one of the best series final episodes ever made. It answered all my questions, it kept the necessary ones "open" so we can continue to stretch the imagination about them , it turned out like i would expect it to be at the end, and although it didn´t caught me by surprise i thought it had a couple of twists that i absolutely loved.
    So, i my opinion this last episode was everything i always expected it to be and i love it.
    Only the constant character flashbacks totaly anoyed me. They should have used that screen time to give more exposure to the future of the characters and their role in earths history than wasting that time informing us of character personal stuf that we already knew.
    Other than that, i think the final episode was an absolute masterpiece in storytelling and the perfect ending to this series or to any series ever.

  11. Luis - I sorta agree with ya. I now believe the openness of the ending might be designed as "The Plan" is coming out soon. Seeing the Cylons POV might help us answer some of these questions that grind my gears about the finale.

  12. I thought the ending was a letdown. The whole Kara disappearing act made no sense at all. She had been my favorite character all along and for her to disappear was a disappointment. After watching a series faithfully for such a long time, I was hoping for some closure, or an uplifting ending after all they had been through. But I thought the ending was just depressing....

  13. You didn't like the we're half human/half cylon ending? hehehe. Most people didn't. I'm about to watch The Plan and I hope to review that as well.

    Check back soon.

  14. I just finished watching the show, having gotten it for FREE on utorrent :-) Shows like this are good FREE why you may ask? Cause the ending looked more like a beginning. Don't y'all think we fans all over the world would have liked to know what happend to all the CIC stars at the end??? Even 1978's BSG landed on Earth and hung around for a season or so with their human brothers from the 1980's.
    PS: to a comment made earlier here>>I am a Christian and how they portrayed God does not comport with the Christian view of God.
    Their view of God is not the Christian view at all. Seems more Hindu or Buddist oriented. Purality of gods, and duality/equality of goodness and evil.<<<<
    For the commentators I am a Hindu and been to a Catholic School in my school years and this Fraking religion made no sense what so ever. kinda like the ending to the show!!!