Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Girls Gone Gangsta (Trailer)

Thanks to a fellow jaded viewer Richard who gave me a heads up on this little exploited beaut of a flick. Guns, blood and girls. I mean that's gotta equal yummy goodness right?

And it has John Goodman!

Check out the plot

It's a cruel world. So it is in Neon City, where 3 young women (Scorpio's Girls) must fight for the only thing their murdered father Scorpio left them, their body shop.

Von Drago, the evil mastermind of Neon City, and leader of the H.O.E.s (Heads of Evil) has a grand plan for one stop criminal shopping, the Von Drago casino!
There's only one problem. He must first get the body shop from the girls, and they're not selling!

Watch as Scorpios Girls battle a motley collection of Clones, witches,Gang Bangers, and canibalistic clowns in this tale of revenge and redemption.The girls hapless metromosexual boyfriends only make matters hillariously worse!

Check out the trailer or view the extended trailer here.

Here also be the official site.

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  1. Its released now.