Thursday, March 12, 2009

Top 5 Sketches in Kentucky Fried Movie

I recently bought Kentucky Fried Movie for $5. Yup, five measly dollars. John Landis's kooky, spoofy, sketch o rama is still funny today. I just couldn't stop laughing at how good the sketches still are.

If you find this at Walmart, pick it up. It's worth it.

So, with me being bored and not reviewing any movies, I figured we'd pick the top 5 sketches in KFM.

Actually, I couldn't find some of my favorite sketches anywhere on the net. Fistful of Yen and A.M. Today are nowhere online.

Well here's the best of what I could find. On to the list!

5.) Scot Free

4.) The Wonderful World of Sex

3.) Feel A Round

2.) Catholic High School Girls In Trouble

Lfmao - video powered by Metacafe

1.) "Danger Seekers

If you can find any of the others on line, let me know. Enjoy!


  1. I wish they had put up the Pat Paulson scetch about keeping dead people around.

  2. - That's the United Appeal For The Dead that Anon mentioned.

  3. Nice. Just need the AM news sketch with the gorilla. That was hilarious.

  4. a tru classic rong in so menny ways but you have to see it its up there with blazzing sadles

  5. Actually saw this in a mall theatre (yeah, I meant to spell it that way) in New Orleans when it came out. Had a drop dead gorgeous Cajun girlfriend. We nearly died laughing.

    My sides hurt for two days.

  6. No matter how many times I see Danger Seekers, I start cracking up. Good times.

  7. Dale is my sister. Mrs. Burke, my mother. Imagine my surprise when, as a 16-year-old, I saw this movie.