Friday, September 30, 2011

The NYC Haunted House Reviews are coming....

October is right around the corner and the jaded viewer is in full swing to bring you reviews of all the New York City haunted houses. I'm going to try my hardest to hit all these HH's below.

These include:
I know some of my HH reviews have gotten some NEW jaded viewers to the site. Trust me, I'll go to these crazy f*cke d up place so you don't have to (but I encourage you ALL to go anyway)

So keep checking back here for insights and updates to all these NYC Haunted Houses.


  1. hi jaded viewer. leaving from Pittsburgh to NYC for halloween weekend. I want to find the best and scariests haunted attractions in new york (houses, events, parties, bars). Hoping you could be of help because I have seen so many mixed review for 2011. If you had 3 days to spend in NY on halloween, what would you be sure to hit? Thanks a mil!

  2. Anonymous - You'll need to go to Blackout Haunted House for sure. It's the most intense, scariest haunted house in NYC. The Halloween parade in Greenwich Village is pretty awesome to. Tons of costumes and floats and insanity.

    If I see any other Halloween related stuff, I'll probably post on my Facebook page, so Like that page for some updates.

  3. thanks, i did! ok sorry a few more questions (trying to plan halloween in nyc isnt an easy task- so many options). 1. what is a good second haunted house to hit up, i planned on doing fairytales but it seemed to get mixed reviews of dissapointment. im an art major so i understand theatrics but it still sounded ehh. 2. night life? 3. luna fright night in coney island- relaxing haunted event or total waste of time? seriously thanks for helping me out, i honestly based my trip around your reviews. youre the shit.

  4. Why thank you Carolyn for the praise (I love the praise...its my drug of choice) As for a second haunted house, you can read my review of Nightmare: Fairy Tales (

    It depends on what type of haunted house you're looking for. Nightmare: FT has a more arthouse feel but their "experiment" portion from what I read has been getting lots of audience participation (better than what I got). Blood Manor is your typical BOO! HH (review coming this Fri). Luna Fright Night I've never been but sounds awesome. It's a bit far from the city but prob worth trip if you have time.

    As for nightlife, tons of Halloween themed events happening throughout the city which you can easily google. But nothing beats the parade. If you plan on getting dressed up, you'll join others in their most crazy, outlandish and probably pop culture themed costumes.

    Hope that helps!