Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) (Insano Steve Review)

[this review brought to you by Insano Steve, who after a long hiatus was forced at gunpoint to write his thoughts after seeing Tox Six's The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence]

Rather than give a full review of Human Centipede 2, I thought I'd go through some things that I liked about the movie, and some that I didn't. In honor of the centipede, I broke it down into 10 good and 10 bad things.

  1. The gore and special effects are excellent. Much more so than the original.
  2. The killer is a fat slob, who is mute, asthmatic, and retarded. Unconventional!
  3. The shameless flashbacks to the first part were (un) intentionally hilarious.
  4. A character from the first part miraculously returns!
  5. More feces than you will ever see, or would want to see.
  6. Lacking medical knowledge, our new "doctor" uses household tools.
  7. Watching a lady, who didn't know better, leave the theater in disgust.
  8. An actual centipede attacks and maims an old woman. Symbolism!
  9. Gratuitous prenatal infant trauma. And postnatal trauma.
  10. The use of laxatives as a plot catalyst!
  1. The whole movie is in black and white. It mutes the effect of the blood/guts.
  2. There's no actual plot. No attempt to explain. No attempt to attempt.
  3. Like 10 scenes of the fat slob using an inhaler. He has asthma. OK, we get it.
  4. Seeing the fat slob wearing a thong walk around the house. Not good times.
  5. Sorry, but seeing a room drenched in blood and feces needs to be in color!
  6. The acting was horrible. Even when you consider the low expectations.
  7. A little shit eating really goes a long way.
  8. I'm starting to think that maybe this isn't all "100% medically accurate".
  9. All of the boring non-centipede related murders.
  10. Black and white might've been an attempt at art. This shit ain't art. This shit is shit.
And there you have it, a movie that delivers all the over the top decadence you hoped for. And literally nothing more than that. Grading on a curve....


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  1. "The killer is a fat slob, who is mute, asthmatic, and retarded. Unconventional!"

    i would read more but I haven't seen the film yet. Do you know they cut two minutes out of the US version (they might have) and definitely 2:37 out of the UK version?