Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The WTF List: District 9 Edition

There are times when a movie gets hyped so much, you really start asking is this movie actually going to live up to it? Well, District 9 is one of those movies. I went in clean when I saw this movie. I did not read any reviews, only watched the trailer and had no idea what the aliens really looked like. And what did I discover?

District 9 is an outstanding, awesome flick that does not disappoint.

I was blown away by the story, the believable characters and the mega-uber coolness of the blended CGI. It's been a while since I've seen a movie where the CGI was used in a effective way and actually made a character, a very lobstery prawn that is all CGI display human emotions.

Like I said before, I don't like reviewing mainstream Hollywood films so this post is similar to my Fuck You Chev Chelios! My thoughts on Crank 2 post and my first ever WTF List: G.I. Joe Edition.

The difference from this WTF list from the G.I. Joe edition is mostly the shit below is the stuff I was amazed by and reasons to see the flick.

Here ya go. Humans you're welcome!

1.) Really? They landed in Johannesburg? Not Des Moines?
2.) MESSAGE! You might not have noticed. But D9 is an allegory about apartheid in South Africa.
3.) Did you see that Michael Vick-like insect fighting ring?
4.) I really love fictional military Blackwater-like companies
5.) The war gore is war-tastic!
6.) Little prawns are super duper cute!
7.) Fun fact! Van Der Mere means typical stupid man in South African
8.) How did Wilkus learn to speak alienese? Is their a Rosseta Stone edition for that?
9.) I just expected Charlize Theron to show up
10.) Look at what you can do for 30 million dollars with existing technology...I'm talking to you James Cameron!
11.) I'm going to stock up on cat food in case we are visited from ETs
12.) That battle suit Robo-tech Master Chief suit kicked ass
13.) Mark my words: Christopher Johnson will have his own sequel
14.) The movie is very funny, so funny in fact this could have been a new TV show (ha ha you suck V)
15.) When fictional soldiers are being obliterated by scifi high tech weaponry, it gives me a happy
16.) D9 is Rambo but with 3rd world aliens being slaves to corporate defense contractors
17.) My name is [indistinct clicking noise]. I have the courage to Crave indulgence for
this important business believing that you will never let me down either now or in the future.I only ask for 10 million US dollars.....[oh those crazy Nigerian-alien scams!]
18.) I really did feel bad for every prawn killed in D9
19.) Neill Blomkamp has now entered the geek/fanboy lexicon
20.) Peter Jackson vs James Cameron: Peter Jackson is winner!

21.) Wow, an actual summer movie that didn't suck. Yay.

After coming out of the theater, some dude was asking if D9 was good. My friend and I started gushing that is was awesome yet some moviegoers actually didn't like the flick. Really? And all I could think of is that's the typical movie patron these days. Like zombies in Land of the Dead, if you light up the sky with fireworks they remain motionless and filled with thoughtless glee.

If it isn't about giant robots, underwater laser battles and doesn't have a gay dude in it, these jabronis won't like it.

OMG, it's a movie that makes you think. Can we just lock these people up in District 11?


  1. I loved it too. My only complaint is regarding the way the main character was written and some of the choices he made, but that's a personal preference thing.

    And little prawns are super duper cute!

  2. Agreed.

    Was that a sly Jericho reference I caught up there at #4?
    And Avatar looks AWFUL. Jim Cameron, what are you doing?!?

  3. When I ramble with a list, anything that pops into my head gets written down. I like putting little references everybody may or may not get ;-P

    I like to remind everyone I see normal flicks every now and then. :-)

  4. Its the movie that forces people to think. I enjoyed it so much and will love to see it again if anyone offers me again.