Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Screwballs (DVD Release Date)

I like the use of the word gratuitous nudity. I tend to use it a lot. It's usage is perfect when describing a scene. I realized what I haven't been covering is teen sex comedies where gratuitous and nudity go hand in hand. Todays teen comedies lack any such thing. It's got cursing a mile a minute, a few topless moments but nothing that can even compare to the teen comedies of the 80s.

I'm not talking about John Hughes films or the American Pie films either. I'm talking about those hidden gems in the 80s with the ridiculous plot lines and teen nerd revenge motifs.

You know the ones. Porkys, Private School, The Last American Virgin, Secret Admirer, Ski School, Just One of the Guys and of course Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Do you remember any others?

But one you may have forgotten is Screwballs. It's from Canada and is a total "Canucksploitation"
masterpiece that rivals any of the best American teen sex comedies.

Here be the plot (from IMDB)

Starting a new tradition of sex comedy, T & A High School, five boys meet in the detention room thanks to the evil virgin princess Purity Busch. RICK - dressed as a doctor and gave breast exams to the high school new comers. BRENT - sexually teased Purity in French class. MELVIN - caught masterbating in the meat locker. HOWIE - rearranged the mirrors in order to see up the skirts of cheerleaders after practice. And TIM - tricked into entering the girls watchroom. Each one fooled by Purity. They want revenge. Each one makes a packed to deflower the virgin, but all have failed. Their only chance is to work together with others of the school to get her at the homecoming game.

Severin Films is now releasing this on DVD and Blu Ray (oh glorious HD) on August 25th. You can preorder it via Amazon.com.

Mark my words. When the Hollywood system is done remaking horror classics, they will turn their attention to remaking teen sex comedies. And Screwballs is going to probably be one of them.

Check out the trailer below (it's more like the intro of the movie)

Below are interviews co-writers Linda Shayne and Jim Wynorski and Director Rafal Zielinski.


  1. Don't forget Zapped!

  2. How could I have forgotten that one?!?!

  3. Top Ten

    1. Screwballs
    2. Zapped
    3. Private School
    4. H.O.T.S.
    5. Pretty Smart
    6. Ski School
    7. Malibu Bikini Shop
    8. Loose Screws
    9. Private Resort
    10. Used Cars

    (Hot Dog, Stewardess School, Reform School Girls, Fraternity Vacation, The Turn On, The Perils of Gwendoline, Tennessee Buck, Naked Warriors, Party Camp, Mischief, Meatballs III, and anything with "Ilsa" in the title.) :P