Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yatterman (Trailer)

Takashi Miike heads to NY Comic Con this year to premiere Yatterman, his new film based on a Japanese anime of the same name.

So what's the hype all about?

Why would Miike come all the way to America to show us this insanity of this live action cartooney craziness before the manga and anime loving otaku's of his homeland?

Because from the trailer below, it's something us geeky American nerds, comic lovers and manga and anime obsessed Ameri-taku's are going to love as well.

For the uninformed, the plot is below.

A mysterious gem called the "Skull Stone" said to be able to reveal the location of the largest vein of gold in the world. This legend has entranced many people who wanted to get their hands on fame, power and wealth, including the Dorombo Gang. However, their hunt for the Skull Stone is not as easy as they imagined, mainly due to the faulty information they receive from their leader; and most of all, by a justical duo of pursuers called the "Yatterman".

And plus there is a gigantic robot dog!!!

What else do you need?

Damn that theme song is catchy too.

Check out the trailer.

Yatterman comes out March 7th in Japan but Feb 7th in NY. Check out the official site.

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  1. You have got to be f**king kidding me with that trailer?

    Goof to the 9th power.