Thursday, December 11, 2008

Death Bell (Trailer)

Battle Royale meets 90210. It seems Korea is dismissing this Ringu shit and going in a whole new direction of after school horror.

And so, they give birth to Go-Sa aka Death Bell.

Here be the plot:

The film is set in a high school, where an elite group of twenty students—including rebelious heroine Kang Yi-na, her timid best friend Yoon Myong-hyo, and her would-be boyfriend Kang Hyeon—are taking a special class for their college entrance exam. After Kang Hyeon is nearly strangled and another student throttled in the restroom, the classroom TV screen switches to an image of top-ranking student Hye-yeong trapped inside a fish tank that is slowly filling with water. A disembodied voice announces that her life depends on the exam questions he will set for them, and that a student will die for every question the class gets wrong. Trapped with the students are head teacher Hwang Chan-wook and English teacher Choi So-yeong. Yi-na realises that the students are being killed in order of their rank in the class, and she is ranked fifth.

I'm wondering, what type of questions will these be? Multiple choice? Fill in the blank?

Will there be lifelines?

High concept, but will the scares and gore be in attendace (get it?)

Check out the trailer.

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1 comment:

  1. I had the dubious luck of seeing this. Try to imagine a mix of mild torture porn, teenie slasher and head-hurting stupidity. Or, to be honest, don't, it's not worth it.

    Do I have to mention that the questions the students have to answer make no sense at all and are supposed to point out a terrible secret in the school's past? Or that the film does find a way to incorporate a female ghost?
    Sorry, the film just annoyed me terribly.