Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sick Girl (Trailer)

I remember watching the PSA teaser and trailer for Sick Girl and never got around to posting it. But after rewatching that PSA trailer, it's still fuckin morbidly hilarious.

The sick girl in question is Izzy, a psychopathic, anti-Juno uber fucked up girl who likes torturing some innocents in the family barn.

I can't do the plot justice so here it is in italic standard form.

Sick Girl is the story of Izzy, a girl that wants to protect her little brother, bang her older brother and torture everyone else out in the barn. Izzy is raising her younger brother, Kevin, by herself.

Their parents are deceased and her older brother, Rusty, (who she has incestuous fantasies about), is away in the Marines. When Izzy learns that her little brother is being bullied at school, she does what any unstable, psychopathic, homicidal sister (with no impulse control) would do.

Wow aren't you excited to see this? No Moldy Peaches in this dialed up horror black horroromedy. It reminds me of another Ellen Page joint, Hard Candy if Hard Candy's anti protagonist went rampagy.

Get caught up. Watch the trailers. Synapse just got the right to this and will be releasing it next year.

Sick Girl "Thank You For Not Talking" PSA

Teaser Trailer

The Trailer

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