Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hell Kittens (Trailer)

Like a bumfight in the alley, these rebooted grindhouse movies keep on churning and you can't look away. I've been trying to keep tabs on every little exploitation reimaginging that keeps coming out but shit, there are way too many.

So its nice to accidentally discover this little rape and revenge movie from Rottewiler Productions called Hell Kittens.

Check out the plot below.

When an underground snuff film ring leaves 5 deadly vixens scarred for life and thirsty for vengeance, it's time to see how bad these good girls can get! The Hell Kittens will push the boundaries of bloody revenge to the edge and beyond anything you've ever seen! Does the vile band of violent and perverted snuff peddlers stand a chance in hell against the untamed wrath of the HELL KITTENS? Who will survive their orgy of shocking carnage? How far are these 5 deadly dames willing to go to settle the score? ALL THE WAY!

Here be the old school, 42nd Street style Trailer. Awesome!

Looks pretty damn skippy. It's scheduled to come out Fall, 2009.


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