Friday, April 24, 2009

Rewind: Series 7: The Contenders

We've left them on an island, and seen if they could last. We've locked them in a house, and watched what they would do. And now, we've given them weapons.

Yup its a rewind. I've got a few movie reviews upcoming, just need to gather my thoughts and connect four them into a solid color first.

In any case, I was perusing my awesome dvd collection and stumbled upon this little gem of a satire of reality TV scummyness. Series 7: The Contenders. Back in 2001, when Survivor and Big Brother were little infants, this bad boy mocked the shit out of them.

After having watched MTV's The Phone, it reminded me of this little HA HA of a film.

Series 7 was directed by Daniel Minihan (he worked on COPS) and satired the shit out the boom of reality when we were all still mesmerized.

And the flick still holds up today.

Here be the plot:

Six ordinary Americans are chosen at random to participate in a "reality-based" TV show where contestants must kill or be killed. The reigning champion, Dawn Lagarto, is eight months pregnant and will win her freedom if she survives Series 7.

The film was ahead of its time. Its classic America run amok in that Running Man sorta way.

Check out the trailer below.

It's done all COPS style and it's fuckin brilliant. The contenders all get you sucked in.

1.) A pregnant defending champ
2.) An unemployed family man
3.) A God fearing nurse
4.) A rebellious tween
5.) A crazy old recluse
6.) A dying cancer stricken dude

It seems like the entire movie is on YouTube. But it would be best viewed on TV so Netflix it will ya?

One day, Fox will go too far and just arm the contestants. And this flick will have Nostradumused it. Check out the intro.....

Good times.

My daddy gave me this to win!


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