Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tantei monogatari (Trailer)

Does Takashi Miike ever take a break from making movies?

Miike churned another police detective insan-o flick called Tantei monogatari last year. Reminds me of MDP Psycho (Multiple Personality Detective)

Twitch first put up this trailer last year, but I didn't watch it until 2 minutes ago.

Here be the plot (courtesy of Twitch and Ryuganji)

Private detective Kazama Raita (Nakayama)’s new neighbour is a dude with same name, Takashima Raita (Maki). From the moment he moves into the apartment next door, Takashima finds himself being tailed by the shady Kazama. One night, a female client of Kazama’s is found dead minus her liver, followed by a second and a third victim, one with their kidneys ripped out and the other sans lungs. The two Raitas attempt to uncover the truth, which has something to do with a tragic genius by the name of Aoyama Yuki…

Organ's gotta be good.

Check out the trailer below.

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