Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ong Bak 2 (Trailer)

I just watched the trailer for Ong Bak 2. And all I have to say is....WTF?

Ong bak had simple premise. Super uber muay thai fighter Tony Jaa comes to Bangkok to get back mystical head, meet his funny cousin and kicks anybody's ass in the process if they get in his way.

He also runs, flies, skips, dashes and avoids obstacles in a local market than savagely beats up henchman and the boss at the end.

That's it. So can somebody tell me why is Ong Bak 2 an epic period movie filled with num chucks, elephants and facepaint?

Arghhhh. C'mon Tony Jaa. Doing crazy kicks, free running and kneeing somebody in the head is what made Ong Bak rock. I need to see you elbow somebody's fuckin head.

Well, I'll give this movie a chance. It seems like they are showcasing some other Thai martial arts so that seems cool. And this flick has weapons. Maybe the weapons will help. We'll see.

Check out the promo reel/trailer below.

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