Monday, March 15, 2010

Shogun Assassin (Review)

Directed by Robert Houston, Kenji Misumi

Insano Steve says: Greatest samurai movie of all time, action-wise. Shogun-less samurai wanders countryside with infant boy in baby carriage in search of redemption, revenge and gore. Our samurai cuts and kills people with such efficiency, O.J. Simpson would be proud.

No samurai flick has as much splatter, not to mention the awesome killer cart the baby rides in and some of the coolest bad guys in any movie (3 badasses with pointy straw hats - there is no cooler accessory than a pointy straw hat). Shogun wants samurai dead and has hundreds of men, but samurai is a bad mother fucker with no conscience.

The benchmark to which all other swordplay movies will be judged.



The Trailer

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  1. That's so weird... I was just thinking about this yesterday because I couldn't for the LIFE of me remember what movie B.B. watches in Kill Bill 2 to fall asleep. I was a lazy kind of day. I do enjoy seeing just from watching this trailer how much inspiration the Q man took from this though. Delightful!