Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Please Subscribe (Trailer)

Stepping away from the horror universe for a sec, I wanted to post up the trailer for the documentary, Please Subscribe directed by CJ Wallis and the Soska Sisters. Yes, these are the same Soska Sisters who directed Dead Hooker in a Trunk and that evil short Bad Girls.

Here they do a 180 and go into the documentary world and profile the world of the YouTube celebrity. Included in this doc are:
  • Happy Slip
  • David Choi
  • DaxFlame
  • Tay Zonday
C'mon, you know who all of these people are right? Happy Slip's Christine Gambito is my favorite and its interesting to realize how easy it is to be come a YouTube sensation if you spark a niche cult following.

I really am stunned by how everybody has extended their 15 minutes in this Interweb era. You really can't disappear if you've got 1 follower or a million followers. Somebody will keep you relevant.

Everybody wants to be famous in some sense (hell which is why we all blog right?) But these 4 seem to have extended their 15 to years now. Do you hate these people? Do you love em? What do you think of the Internet/YouTube celeb phenomenon?

In any case, check out the trailer below.

Head over to the official site for more info.


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