Monday, March 15, 2010

Patrick Vive Ancora (Review)

Patrick Viva Ancora aka Patrick Still Lives

Directed by Mario Landi

The jaded viewer says: Unofficial sequel to the Australian made "Patrick". Has nothing to do with the original but is mildly entertaining in its own right. Plot revolves around some guests who come to a village resort to get some R&R. Unknown to them, telekinetic and ESP coma victim Patrick is on life support and has a rush towards sex and a little bit of the ultraviolence.

Using his power for evil, he makes a nurse strip for his viewing pleasure and in one of the most ingenious scenes in the entire movie he kills a woman by using a pole that is inserted up a woman's you know what and exits out of her mouth. I think the whole budget was spent on that gratuitous shot alone. Good stuff. Very Italian.


The Trailer


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