Monday, June 29, 2009

Legend of the Bog (Review)

Legend of the Bog

Legend of the Bog (2009)

Directed by Brendan Foley

Wow this was just terri-awful. Just outright fuckin dumb. Everything about this movie made me want to kick myself in the groin, rip out my eyeballs and ramble obscenities at my TV for having watched this atrocity on film.

Random tourists (Americans and Irish and Brits folks) and some archeologist with a blonde hottie (Nora-Jane Noone who was in The Descent) converge on a cabin in the woods in Ireland. Yada yada yada they meet up with a hunter played by Vinnie fuckin Jones.

Seems like their is some sort of legend about bog bodies and these bodies come to life and look like Kane from the WWE.

Let me say this. I've never seen a bog. Seems like a puddle of muddy water to me. How you can possibly a justify a movie about bog bodies coming to life is unfuckinbelievable. This flick is 90 minutes of annoying people doing dumb shit.

Even Vinnie Jones was outright shitty in this.

Nothing redeemable in this flick. No nudity, no gore, no splatter, no suspense. Nada. Legend of the Bog is one of those flicks you'll see at the $5 DVD bin at Walmart where you may be tempted to buy it. DON'T!!!!!

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  1. You should be able to tell from the poster the level acting your will receive from this film.

  2. Not much to expect then huh?