Monday, June 29, 2009

Black Swarm (Review)

Black Swarm

Black Swarm (2007)

Directed by David Winning

It's a Sci Fi monster movie of the week!

You know how these movies go. Innocent family moves to suburbia, encounters local community, meets a member of the opposite sex and then killer insects try to kill them all.

I'm not going to say this was completely awful but it was in the vicinity of crappiness. I mean I'm all for watching killer, mutant wasps savagely stinging the shit out of helpless suburbans but my main problem was the wasps just seem like a bunch of pussies.

At least in the other Sci Fi movies, those killer monster animals are fuckin savage. These wasps don't have any creativity in them. All they came up with were sudden attacks in a house or an attack in the farmland which is lame. These motherfuckin wasps should be attacking teenagers while they are having sex. Or better yet stinging in unison some newborn or some 105 yr old grandma whose bolting on her walker.

And Robert England plays the Doc Brown crazy, wild eyed scientist who may or may not be evil.

What a waste of an England performance.

Killer wasps are no motherfuckin snakes on a plane.

1/2 a


  1. so, i appreciate your work bringing awesome movies to those of us with the same tastes at you. however, i feel it is important to note that freddy Krueger was played by Robert Englund, not England

  2. My bad. You would think I'd get a horror icon's last name right.

  3. Accidents do happen! No worries Jaded.