Tuesday, November 04, 2008

the jaded viewer is voting for............

Stop watching horror movies and go vote today!!!

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  1. hey there mate. Found someones blog who has asked you a series of questions about different aspects of asian horror. Asked her for your contact, so she showed me this site, think its brilliant .

    Is it possible for me to ask a few questions, as i am currently doing research on how J-horror has influenced other horror within world cinema & as you seem to be a horror critic, thought you would make some great primary research.

    i have my own blog at goatrobotics.wordpress.com if you would possibly like to comment, if it is possible i could ask a series of questions that would be very benefitial to my work and would help me a lot.

    Can i first ask why you have such an interest in horror and ask if you have any qualifications within the subject area or if it is just a pure hobbie???

    thanks !!