Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big Man Japan (Trailer)

Well obviously I missed a memo back in 2007. Because somehow I totally missed out on the hilarity that is Big Man Japan aka Dai-Nipponjin. How could I miss something this huge? (pun so intended)

Well Magnolia is releasing it next year and I may try to get my hands on this before then.

What's this all about you ask?

The mockumentary saga of what at first appears to be an ordinary Japanese salaryman who turns out to have a very extraordinary job.

What's not to like? Big purple underwear 30 foot tall salaryman, giant Godzilla like monsters, fake buildings and full on Japanese insanity.

Check out the 2 trailers below.

Vague, festival trailer!

Awesome English language/subtitled crazy, weird trailer!

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  1. Wow... that looks like a total trip. I have to see it!

    Where do you even hear about these films?

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