Monday, January 28, 2013

Blackout Haunted House Off Season Winter Haunt Begins This Week

If you blinked, you may have missed it. That's because Blackout Haunted House pulled a twisty twizzler and has decided to have their off season Spring haunt in the dead of a damn cold NYC winter. Here's what they sent over in an e-mail on Thursday.

we figured you couldn't wait for spring,
so the 2013 nyc off-season events will begin very soon.
unlike years past, this year's off-season will be open to anyone and everyone,
although a very limited number of tickets will be released.
this year's off-season will begin somewhere in the East Village.
the experience will take approximately 45 minutes per person and you must come alone.
you will receive the address the night before you begin.
we recommend you act fast and get your tickets as quickly as possible.
we'll send more information soon with a link to purchase tickets.
get ready because once it begins it will happen very fast.

do you want in this year? are you ready?

On Friday, at 4pm as I refreshed my e-mail, the Blackout Facebook page like a mad man with ADD, they sent over the link for tickets. There are only a few spots open so if you're in NYC, you can attend the off season haunt. Mind you, it's a bit pricey. At $135 but you do get the following:
  • One admission to the January NYC event 
  •  A Blackout t-shirt
  •  A special pre-sale ticket offer for the Halloween
Per the Blackout Facebook page, it starts somewhere in the East Village in NYC. The exact address is given at midnight the day before you go. About 90 slots were up for grabs, now only a few remain. Well you've read all my reviews and walkthroughs. Dare to go to a 45 minute extreme theater interactive performance you won't forget?

Hell I've survived 2 Spring haunts and 3 Halloween ones and I still get fuckin nervous before I go. Expect a review and possible walkthrough after the run.

Let the games begin!

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