Monday, January 14, 2013

The Best Elephants and OMG! Movies of 2012

Before I post my top 10 horror movies (yes it's coming soon), I wanted to go over the other movies (yes I saw other non horror flicks) that I thought were super duper awesome this year. From the box office Hollywood juggernauts to the indie spectaculars, these stood out like no other (plus there the only ones I saw).

I still can't believe I haven't seen Looper yet.

"Box Office Elephants"

1.) Django Unchained: Yummy Tarantino is pure filmmaking at its best

2.) The Dark Knight Rises: Very epic conclusion to the trilogy. 

3.) End of Watch: It's the anti Training Day because it's pro cops. You need to see this flick because it takes buddy cop vs gangsta flicks to a whole new level of aweome,

4.) Marvel's The Avengers: Whedon is my Master now.

5.) 21 Jump Street: Having not seen Ted yet, this was pretty damn funny.

"OMG! Movies"

1.) The Raid: Redemption: Best action movie of 2012. Nuff said.

2.) Expendables 2: Glad to see JCVD back in the theaters.


What non horror movies did you think were the best of 2012? Let me know!


  1. Best non-horrors for me include OSLO, MICHAEL, ELENA, AMORE, HELPLESS, HOLY MOTORS, COMPLIANCE. Just posted my list.

    I loved THE RAID, too, but saw it in 2011.

  2. Great list. I really enjoy almost all of the box office elephants you listed. I really do need to see The Raid though.