Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rec 3: Genesis Trailer shows the wedding from hell

Every once in a while I get excited about a horror movie. I wrote my Best of the Rest 2011 list and I've yet to see most on that list. But when it comes to the Rec series, I have to say it hasn't disappointed me as of yet. I gave the original Rec, 2 spinkicks and Rec 2 3 spinkicks. Could Rec 3: Genesis get the elusive 4?

After watching the trailer, you gotta admit, it looks fuckin awesome.It takes place at a wedding in broad daylight. Shaky cam POV is back, so is the over the top gore and a bride and groom surviving until death do us part. It's a sequel but from the plot summary, it will release info on what the virus or whatever it is, that has been unleashed.

Director Paco Plaza helms this 3rd flick and the film stars Leticia Dolera and Diego Martin. Our bride has a cute final bride look to her and you know the wedding reception is going to be one hell of a party. I'm kinda hyped.

It sucks the guests won't be able to line dance.

Check out the trailer. Via Bloody Disgusting.


  1. This is the first time ive seen the extended trailer for REC3 and i have to say my expectations have been raised really high. I wasn't really sold by the teaser trailer they released a few months back, but this is just awesome. Hopefully this doesnt fall flat or short of my already high expectations. I am really intrigued to see how they use the shaky cam since it seems like half of the movie is shaky and the rest is third person. That will be really awesome to see how they integrate the two styles. I love how the REC franchise tries to keep the cinematography and camera gimmicks fresh. If this movie progresses from 2 as 2 did from 1 then im sure i wont be disappointed. The only other thing i might be looking forward to more than this is The Cabin in the Woods.