Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Time Life Books still creep me out!

I've been pulling double duty in the blog world as I've been trying to get my new Tumblr blog: Who is that hot ad girl? off the ground. That blog is dedicated to finding out who unknown actresses are in TV commercials. You should really check it out ;-)

But let's back to to your regularly scheduled jaded viewer programming.

Commercial hunting got me thinking about the scariest commercials I had seen as I was a kid and what popped into my head were those wickedly haunting Time Life books commercials dealing with the "Mysteries of the Unknown".

You remember them don't you?

I remember my friend giving me 3 of those books and I read it cover to cover. I mean all these concepts were so new to me and I dug the unexplained phenomenon and ate it up. It was perfect timing that The X Files debuted and I was so hooked. I currently even have a "I Want to Believe" poster hanging up in my home and it all stems from those books.

I watch those commercials again and I still get chills. Dismissed as coincidence? How do you explain that? I really don't know!!!

So let's go into the wayback time machine and check out the spookiest commercials from the pre-Internet age.

This one stars a young Julianne Moore!

And finally we have Time Life Horror Books starting with Wizards and Witches. I'm getting chills.

So how's that for some nostalgia? Jeff @ Dinner with Max Jenke also had some thoughts on these commercials too. So who remembers these creepy late night commercials?

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