Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Shortround: Contact (Review)

I never heard of Jeremiah Kipp until he sent over a link to his latest short Contact. But a quick search on his name and his career comes into clear view on the interweb. So never turning a deaf ear on the indie scene, I watched the short (and you can view here).

the jaded viewer says: Simply, its a story about a couple (a black dude who look like Andre 3000 and a white woman) who score some crack, get naked and smoke it. But it's done a little more avante garde than that.

Entirely in black and white, the film I thought was a silent short until somebody spoke and seems to echo a message that drugs are indeed a virus that can break up the family mold.

It's shot nicely, the establishing scenes are very dark but with light filtering in. The naked drug use gives way to some surrealistic kissing hallucinations that were top notch.

Contact is a dream that seems like a nightmare but we don't know which is true. Not sure what the message is, but for a 10 minute short, it's going to make you think twice on doing hard drugs. Just say No, but say yes to this short.

It is online as part of the IndieRoar Online Film Competition (www.indieroar.com).
More info about Jeremiah Kipp go here: http://www.colonelscrypt.com/Interviews/Jeremiah%20Kipp/index.htm

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  1. Spot on, Jaded. Working my way through the other shorts on the website too.