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Dollhouse (Reviews of the last 4 episodes)

I've been a little mainstreamy this week and I really don't know why. Well actually I do. December is the month where I try to catch up on all my Hollywood horror movie viewing so I can create a solid Top 10 horror movies of 2009 list. So I've been trying to view all the stuff I missed or is being released on DVD.

But I've been tubing it up as well. If you haven't noticed, I'm a big Joss Whedon fan and I've been reviewing Dollhouse for UGO.com. I've reviewed every single Dollhouse episode (except Epitaph One). I really admit, I'm proud of the fact that I haven't missed reviewing a single episode. Trust me, there were times the show was out right terri-awful, I had no motivation to do it.

If you're a Dollhouse fan, you can check out my reviews of the last 4 episodes by heading over to UGO.com.

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I love Joss Whedon too! Well, Buffy. Well, Sarah Michelle Geller. No matter.

I'm in the UK and have not had a chance to see this yet although I have heard of it. Great review and I really love yuor blog.

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