Friday, September 04, 2009

The Horrror Continuum (Bored Edition)

It's always nice to start the 3 day weekend with a picture of Ms. Megan Fox. Admit it.
You're going to see Jennifer's Body. Not because of Diablo Cody and her Whedonesque like dialtribes, or because it's threatening to have gore and demon splatter. But Megan Fox gets naked in it.

C'mon now. We're paying $10-12 to see some top notch, grade boobage.

Same thing with Sorority Row. That story is utter crap but just the hint of nudity will get the jabronis and tweens into the megaplexes.

And did you see that Whiteout trailer with Kate Beckinsale? I definitely saw Kate Beckinsale in a gratuitous naked shower Antartica?

Face it. Sex sells and hell I'll pin up Fairuza Balk pictures as I please.

On to the continuum!

On the last episode of the jaded viewer....

Assassins vs Assassins vs a priest!

Lindy Booth is hawt! Check out the clip below from Wrong Turn where umm well she kinda dies.

5 Horror Movies that warped my fragile little mind

Insano Steve wants to here your fuckin opinion about his Top 10 Black Films of the 1990s!

..and finally all you need to do is a pick a number from 1 to 500 and you could win Final Destination 3!!!

The interweb.....

I found this Rue Morgue list of the supposed The Top 150 Most Violent Movies Ever!

10 Coolest Tarantino characters...really?

The guys who made Crank made Gamer...

I have a few more but I'm getting bored and tired. Got any good links? Comment and share with everyone.

Enjoy the 3 day weekend!

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  1. Unbelievably, I dont find Megan Fox attractive, and it goes against everything I would normally like. Im into brunettes, preferably toned, and she has a very symmetrical face, but her attitude just turns me off immediately. That, and she has that unattainable quality about her. Done.

    Got plenty of reading ahead of me now thanks to this post, thought I was safe when I almost got to the end of my blog reader! I blame you, JV =D