Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dollhouse "Vows" (TV Review)

I'm back reviewing Dollhouse for UGO.com. Who knew this series would be back but I'll be reviewing each episode this season as well. Joss Whedon has promised this season would be less Mission-y so I'm ever hopeful we'll get to see what was promised in the unaired Epitaph One.

You can check out my full review of the season premiere "Vows" by heading to UGO.

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  1. I thought that “Vows” was a great episode to kick off the season, and I didn’t think it was noticeable at all that they had budget cuts… its really discouraging to see that the ratings suffered again. Hopefully this show just slowly picks up steam, but I think Fox has just dropped the ball in promoting this show, and also has it in a bad time slot. Such a shame.

    Also, I was really happy that they played the song “The World” by Earlimart at the end of the episode, just as Paul realizes that Echo is remembering more of her past than she should. Great song, and I thought it fit the scene real well, too. I actually posted a video clip of the scene on YouTube, but it got taken down for copyright violations, which is yet another sign that Fox doesn’t know what they’re doing when it comes to promoting the show – don’t they realize that it’s good for a show’s ratings to have YouTube popularity? Anyway, now it’s up on my own blog at : http://modestcomplexity.blogspot.com/2009/09/earlimart-on-dollhouse.html