Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Watch Cannibal Holocaust on YouTube right now (because you can)

Sorry I've been MIA. My TV was fucked up for a few weeks and I couldn't review any movies. But that lead me to watching more Internet videos then I care to admit. Surprisingly, it seems there are quite a lot of cannibal trailers, clips and ENTIRE full length flicks on YouTube.

I've already given you my Top 5 Cannibal Movies of All Time as well as 5 Things I Learned from Cannibal Movies. So I've watched my fair share of these flicks but the Cannibal Holocaust is without a doubt just the most fucked up movie in my movie watching history.

If you're a noob who's self teaching yourself the skid row junkie world of exploitation, it'd be best to view this on an empty stomach.

What a world we live in that you can watch a most fucked up movie on your computer instead of a 4th generation dubbed VHS tape. You kids have it fuckin easy.


Here are some fun facts for you after you watch the film! How about some FAQ too!


  1. Glad you're back man. Benn watching a bunch of bullshit, now you're back you can tell me whats goood or not...LOL

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  3. seen the movie and its not what I expect..