Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hello Reddit! Check out all my Blackout Haunted House Reviews!

Hello Reddit! It seems you found my walkthrough of his amazing haunted house in NYC. As a fellow Redditor myself, I've posted links to my experiences in the past. Never actually been on the front page though.

I've been going to this haunt since 2010 when it was super secret. I've even went to all the Spring haunts (where only 20 people get invites) to participate in glorious horror role playing.

All are fucked up as advertised.

Check out all my walkthroughs and reviews of Blackout below.

If you have any questions or comments let me know. Maybe I should do an AMA? I'll be going to Blackout next week so be sure to check back here to read a review of the 2012 version.

You can go also leave any comments/questions on The Jaded Viewer Facebook Page or on Twitter.

I hope you all read in horror of my experience at NYC's best haunted house.

1 comment:

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