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Jennifer Love Hewitt's BOOBS star in "The Client List"

So I was at my local mall last weekend and while on a search for a new belt (I'm not kidding) I noticed my mall seems to have advertising all over the place. It looked like a Times Square movie billboard. I counted 15 posters for Step It Up 3D (which is to be expectted), 11 posters for Despicable Me and 6 or so posters for a Lifetime Movie of the Week. Yes folks, a Lifetime movie. And this was no ordinary movie...no no. This one stars Jennifer Love Hewitt. Or more precisely, Jennifer Love Hewitt's boobs.

I wasn't shocked to see a movie ad for Lifetime movie. Tons of moms watch this channel including mine. So it's easy to figure they were advertising to these mothers. But the picture of JLH got my attention looking all seductivey and once I got home I had to find out what this was all about.

It's called The Client List (official site here) Here's the poster I saw.

A mother will do anything for her family! And it's "Inspired by a True Story"! Holy fuckin cow. I am so watching this today!

So what's the whole story? Here ya go.

Inspired by a true story, this Lifetime Original Movie is the story of Samantha Horton (Jennifer Love Hewitt), a former Texas homecoming queen and physical therapist. When both she and her husband, Rex (Teddy Sears), are laid off from their jobs, Samantha accepts an offer to work at a massage studio in a nearby town, not realizing that the other staff members are actually prostitutes who service a clientele of wealthy and powerful businessmen.

Eventually realizing what goes on behind closed doors, but desperate to provide for her family, Samantha goes along for the ride. But when the police raid the business and Samantha is arrested, she ends up as a key witness in the case — putting high-profile johns in handcuffs and bringing a small Texas town to its knees.

It also stars Cybill Shepperd and that hot black girl from that movie I forget! Oh man, it gets so much better. Even the preview pictures are awesome.

I'm doing this for my family! Not for the thrills or money!

I'm just a regular mom with regular size boobs. Don't call me a MILF!

My daughter baked these cookies. You have to eat one before you see my cookie.

I'm the luckiest sonnavabitch ever. Why am I crying like a sissy?

OK that's enough of the photos. Now it gets waaaaay better. Now check out the videos. Holy cow man, I think Love's boobs need to win an Oscar for their performance. Somebody call the mammary police because these should be locked up.

First up, the trailer!

This is the best performance by JLH boobs in a drama. If this doesn't make you see this, I don't know what will.

And finally, I want to visit this town as this is some excellent massaging going on.

Well I'm definitely watching this badly disguised Skinemax film for sure. Whose with me? Do I need to give you another visual? Jeez.

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She needs to have a catfight with Erika Christensen. I'd pay money for those-I mean, that.

I am also a big fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt's chest. I'm happy to see her tits in such a new demanding role. I will be certainly watching her breasts intently tonight.

I was at my sister's house this weekend and she was watching Lifetime and they showed a ton of ads for this. I asked her to DVR it. You can never get enough of Jennifer Love Hugetits.

Jennifer Love Hewitt's boobs are definitely one of the better things that movies have to offer these days. I could never turn down a movie starring JLH's boobies, it's like Al Pacino but less screaming and more inviting.

All your comments are hilarious. I never doubted a post about JLove's boobs would equal awesomeness.

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I was at my sister's house this weekend and she was watching Lifetime and they showed a ton of ads for this. I asked her to DVR it. You can never get enough of Jennifer Love Hugetits.

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