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The Shortround: Her Name is Laura Panic

[Well I'm going to start another little on and off segment on the jaded viewer called The Shortround. Basically the premise is this. If you see a short around the interwebs, tell me about it and I'll post it up. Let's keep the indie horror and indie interweb scene going!]

Well continuing this Shortround Thursday, I bring you Adam Wingard's (director of Home Sick and Pop Skull) new short called Her Name is Laura Panic.

I particularly liked the first one (which is below as well) because of the lovely and beautiful Hannah Hughes. Wingard's indie slyness blended in with a touch of dark humor mochas into a delicious appetizer.

Check out all the shorts below. They are part of his "Forgot My Meds" trilogy.

Laura Panic (Part 1)

Cerebella (Part 2)

Her Name is Laura Panic (Part 3)

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creepy. I really enjoyed them. I also like this new segment you are doing.

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