Friday, March 07, 2008

J.C.V.D (Trailer)

jadedviewer loves Van Damme. We support Van Damme 100%. We love the spinkicks, the double twin illegal fighting tournament movies. We love the cyborg, replicant cop, "black silk underwear", Rodman buddy cop movies. We love the Van Damme.

We believe Hollywood needs Van Damme.

But Hollywood isn't listening right now.

So Jean Claude made a French movie. And we will go see it regardless if its subtitled and has no spinkicks. Because we are the true, real, hardcore Van Damme-ites.

And what is this new JCVD movie called?


It's called J.C.V.D of course!

You can watch the awesome, self parodying, comedic teaser below.

Support Van Damme!


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