Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dollhouse "Omega" (TV Review)

Well this is it. The last episode of Dollhouse for this season.....or *gasp* ever. It's been fun reviewing the show for UGO.com.

As I sit here hoping Dollhouse gets picked up for a 2nd season, I don't know why this show never picked up steam among the masses.

It's a good show, with a cyberpunk scifi-ness to it and filled with quirky dialogue, hot women and kick ass action.

But I guess that wasn't enough.

The finale was sort of lacking any oooomph. It felt like a little kid that wanted one more cookie. Poor kid.

Well check out my final review of the episode "Omega" on UGO.com.

We will miss your super hotness Eliza Dusku. I'm going to miss my favorite faves Sierra and Ivy. And you to Topher. You are frakin funny.


  1. It'll be a real shame if it doesn't come back for Season 2. A few of the more recent episodes had great story lines, especially the one about downloading into a new body after death. Awesome cyberpunk theme!

  2. It's not looking good dude. Most people say its gonna be cancelled for sure. But you never know.

    Fox announces its fall lineup next week so we'll know Dollhouse's fate then.