Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Shortround: Nacho Cerda's Aftermath (The F'ed Up Collection)

There was a time when shocking horror movies were cloaked with an avante garde artsy feel. Clearly it could be taken as a mish mash of shock and awe. Either you were disgusted and repulsed or could find the inner meaning and theme of this short by Nacho Cerda.

All in all, it was a must see for it's content that few dared to take on. The early 90s indie horror scene went beyond depravity, it was a measure of undiluted filmmaking with creating something raw. Can a viewer from 2013 know that a short like this was one of the Holy Grails of underground horror?

Probably not.

These days, it's easily accessible, point and click. But can it still strike emotion? Disgust? Pure horror?

That's for you to decide. Go ahead and watch Nacho Cerda's infamous short. Are you jaded or are you shocked?


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