Thursday, August 05, 2010

Choose Your Own Horror-venture: The Detention Dungeon CONTINUES...

Thanks to the following awesome bloggers who've already participated in keeping this first ever Choose Your Own Horror-venture going. So far, all 3 choices have been continued by:

Now here is where the rest of you come in. Read the opening story by heading to my original post located here: The Detention Dungeon!

Pick where you want to continue the story. Once you've made your choice, there should now be 2 or 3 more choices to choose from. Pick the one you want to write about and continue the story! It's that simple. A caveman could do it. [insert ticked off GEICO caveman here]

If you want to write up multiple continuations, feel free to do so. If you want to continue on the original choices I gave, you can do that to but the best case scenario is to contribute your story from one of the blogs above. We can keep this going all over the blogosphere.

If you don't have a blog and want to use your Facebook Notes page, I think we can allow that as well. Hell, if you want to put your story up on a message board or a Tumblr page, go for it! Let's get this viral out into the interwebs and take it as far as it can go.

I want to see what the horror and movie blogosphere can come up with.

Thanks to Brandon @ Big Daddy Horror Reviews to help get the word out on this experiment.

Now get choosy!

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  1. You've been tagged! Good luck!