Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Cloverfield Monster Revealed!!!

What the fuck is it??

What is the Cloverfield monster?

<-----click on the image to the left to see the monster in motion The vague trailer screen cap to the left is staticy and shadowed up. From what I can tell thats the back of the monster and it looks like it has a shell or an exoskeleton. It could be a gigantic lizard, or a monstrous amphibian or Gamera.

Who the fuck knows?

Everybody has a theory.

They've even got artistic renderings of what it could be.

See here.

Various sources say its an alien parasite or a giant robot (ala Voltron).

According to the director, Matt Reeves Cloverfield is the goverment codename for the monster:

"And it's not a project per se. It's the way that this case has been designated. That's why that is on the trailer, and it becomes clearer in the film. It's how they refer to this phenomenon [or] this case,"

I've got my own theory.

And if I'm right, this blog post is proof of my prediction 10 days before the film opens.

The Cloverfield monster is...........................


The Lake Monster of Lake Champlain.

Champ is the US Version of the Loch Ness Monster.
Nobody knows what it is but my theory for the movie goes like this.

Some Japanese company dumped toxic shit into Lake Champlain which causes Champ to mutate into some big, gigantic monster.

Champ is now hungry and decides to go down from his comfy home of Lake Champlain down the Hudson River all the way down to NYC.

Remember the first thing you see when you are in the Hudson River is the Statue of Liberty.

The US Government knows about Champ and the mutated monster plesiosauris-like creature. They codename the monster "Cloverfield". It's a reference for the small town near Lake Champlain where Champ nests.

Of course Champ escapes and goes down river causing much destruction along the way. People start seeing "something" but nobody knows what it is.

Finally, good ole Champ ends up in NYC looking to feed on yummy humans and cause mayhem and destruction.

The ending has Champ being driven out of NYC by the Army and a distant shot of Champ's famous photo (see above) will be the last scene as he swims toward the Atlantic Ocean.

This is my theory and if its 100% true, I thought of it first.

What you got a better theory??


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  1. CHAMP? HA! Looking back at this (waited til after seeing movie bro)) - hysterical prediction!