Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bloodsport's Kumite Brackets

Well it was about time somebody did it.

Glad it wasn't me. We here at love Van Damme. Hell our ratings system is based on Frank Dux spinkicks. So when Insano Steve sent me this link, I was speechless and overjoyed.

On Wikipedia's Bloodsport entry, somebody put together the tournament brackets for the Kumite.


Kudos. Much applause and clapping from me.

Do you realize how hard that was to do?

Somebody had to watch Bloodsport over and over again and then during the cheesy 80's Kumite fight scene montage, they had to meticulously write down each fighter's name, who they fought and how it all fit in tournament style.

The bracket is filled with lots of info. As we do not see every fight of the 3 day Kumite and every fighter is not named (on that scoreboard with the lights), the writer had to come up with classic nicknames such as:

Leotard Guy

Kung Fu Guy

Black Karate

Kickboxer Guy

Tattooed Guy


Angry Midget

The best part of the entire bracket is the asterick (*) next to Chuan Mung as *RIP.


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  1. OMG This is the greatest find ever... god bless the person to do it..

    I wonder if they were listening to the theme song (the one with guys chanting KUMITE KUMITE over a cheesy 80s synth pop song) as he made the image.